About us

We help inspire and accelerate innovation for business and R&D leaders in the consumer, health, medical and industrial sectors. From new investment opportunities to deep technical challenges, we deliver incisive, impartial advice that creates real value for your business. Our highly collaborative approach combines scientific expertise with deep market knowledge and a network of the best minds in industry and beyond. It’s a powerful mix that helps you cut through complexity to uncover new opportunities.

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Why Oakland?

Our capabilities

We use our deep science and technology foundation to provide market and industry insight for product, process and business innovation. We do this by combining in-house knowledge with expertise from global Key Opinion Leaders, practitioners and commentators.

Our approach

We work in an iterative way, injecting learning and insight throughout the journey, from analysing the challenge, through exploring the opportunity space, to interpreting the insights and presenting recommendations.

Our team

We have more than 50 scientists and engineers drawn from over 20 nations. The team has a broad base of technical expertise and commercial experience with proven entrepreneurial spirit.

Our clients

Our clients are R&D, business development, strategy and marketing teams within leading consumer, health, medical and industrial companies worldwide. We form strong partnerships with our clients – most of them have worked with us for over 5 years.

Our impartiality

Integrity and confidentiality is inherent to our operation, as it is to our clients. We build a deep understanding of both their organisation and their markets, whilst retaining the necessary objectivity and independence of a dedicated external resource.

Our history

Oakland Innovation was founded in 1989. In 2015 we became part of Science Group, augmenting our capabilities by giving us access to the Group's facilities and the team of 200 scientists, engineers, mathematicians and designers.

About Science Group

Science Group offers independent advisory and leading-edge product development services focused on science and technology initiatives. Its specialist companies, Sagentia Innovation, Leatherhead Food Research and TSG Consulting collaborate closely with their clients in key vertical markets to deliver clear returns on technology and R&D investments.

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