Speeding up and inspiring innovation

Oakland Innovation helps consumer & industrial companies find opportunities to win competitive advantage by utilising science and technology for product, process and business innovation. Our highly collaborative approach combines scientific expertise with deep market knowledge and a network of the best minds in industry and beyond. It’s a powerful mix that helps you cut through complexity to uncover new opportunities.

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Our approach

Our clients ask us to explore new areas of the market or new technologies on their behalf and give recommendations as to how they should proceed. In order to answer your questions, we believe in using our own skills, knowledge and judgement whilst combining them with the best expertise in the field.


Food & beverage

We work with food & beverage companies to explore how science and technology can help address key trends in their market such as food on the go, personalised nutrition and increased convenience.

Personal care

We partner with many of the world’s leading personal care companies to deliver opportunities for innovation across categories including skin care, hair care, oral care and beauty.

Home care

We help companies in the home care space to innovate around surface cleaning, air care cleaning formulations and cleaning devices.

Consumer durables

We help companies making small and large appliances and devices to innovate around performance, convenience and ease of use.

Consumer health

We help companies in consumer health to innovate in ingredients, business models and delivery systems in order to create credible, evidence-based and differentiated products and services.


We work with chemical, materials and other B2B businesses to innovate around product, process and business models.