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As one of the leading innovation consultancies, we work with some of the world’s largest organisations, supporting them through their innovation journey. By delivering actionable insights they make more informed decisions to better explore, evaluate and define their future direction.

We help our clients identify disruptive change and genuine trends so that they can develop products and services that take advantage of the opportunities these present.

Through research and expert advice, we provide a new way of looking at a situation, challenging and questioning to get to the nub of the problem and deliver unique insight to create positive and valuable outcomes. This helps to define the opportunity and identify the right way to take it forward, support innovation and growth objectives, create differentiation in a crowded marketplace and navigate through these changing times.

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Chemicals and Materials

We work with chemical organisations to innovate new products for different target end-markets, and enable them to differentiate and drive up the value chain.

We help our chemicals clients to address the challenges posed by market trends and dynamics especially with respect to delivering performance in the face of low cost competition. Our market coverage is unparalleled and supported by experience across a range of technology areas with different end-market targets.

Examples of projects we’ve delivered include:

• Identifying and verifying the market opportunity and receptivity to novel chemistry and materials enabled product solutions
• Finding technologies to functionalities needed in market or for manufacture
• Evaluating the disruptive potential and associated barriers to adoption for new chemistries and materials in specific market application
• Assessing the readiness of an R&D portfolio to deliver business line goals
• Creating technology and product roadmaps to help customer plan their innovation enable business growth



Concerns about the environmental impact of single use plastics at the forefront of consumer consciousness is driving more businesses to address their wider packaging challenges.

We work with organisations from sectors as diverse as food and beverage to industrial chemicals organisations to help them not only understand their options or alternatives for a packaging solution but how this can impact their supply chain from sourcing materials to end-of-life.

We believe there are seven key factors which organisations need to consider when putting together their end of life packaging strategies: the consumer; the regulatory landscape; functionality; design; recycling infrastructure; materials and taxation.

We can help:

• Research and shape your strategic position and response to government or industry consultation exercises
• Assess the state of play in different geographies across all different facets of plastic use from consumer understanding to government policy to the state of current infrastructure
• Identify and sequence different initiatives to meet corporate deadlines and targets
• Review and critique your plans, roadmaps or projects
• Assess the impact of new regulation on your portfolio of packaging materials and R&D initiatives
• Undertake technology landscapes for materials or recycling schemes to help you establish what is out there and how you could benefit from it
• Identify emerging suppliers, partners or acquisition targets with promising, new technology options
• Provide regulatory advice for most geographies to apprise you of the state of legality of recycled plastic for food use
• Navigate regulatory approvals if you have new technologies which you wish to market
• Benchmark the sustainability of existing packaging

Oil and Gas, and Industrial

We are well-connected throughout the oil and gas industry, bringing broad science and technology expertise, and an objective eye, to an increasingly complex sector. Integrating astute market insight with a distinctive approach to strategy development, we work in close collaboration with your team to extract maximum value from your R&D and technology investments.

Our team combines specialists in core oil & gas domains and deep experts in a wide range of science and technology areas and have a demonstrable track record with oil majors, services companies, technology providers, VCs and start-ups.

Our sister company OTM also manages 17 industry networks and have an extensive database of senior level industry contacts, giving us direct access to more than 14,000 technology appliers and practitioners worldwide.



We work with the world’s FMCG organisations to identify new market opportunities, find a strategic partner or understand how to apply technology to augment existing products.

From homecare to consumer durables, electronics to consumer health, we can help you better understand and manage the multi-faceted challenges posed by an increasingly informed and diverse customers and in an ever-connected world.

Examples of potential projects in this area include:

• Assessing technologies to reduce water use without compromising consumer experience in the bathroom
• Identifying strategies and technology options to reduce background noise in home appliances
• Appraising the market opportunity connected with the intelligent home of the future
• Understanding the mitigating strategies for controlling allergens in the home
• Exploring the market for low cost fabric care for developing countries
• Mapping the market opportunities for treating specific skin issues

Food and Beverage

Working with food and beverage companies, we help them to explore how science and technology can help address key trends in the sector such as food on the go, personalised nutrition and increased convenience.

Our work in this area covers snacks, confectionery, functional food, soups and sauces, breakfast cereals, ready meals, beverages and pet food.

Challenges we might work on include:

• Assessing how to respond to innovation drivers in existing markets
• Investigating how to access consumers in developing regions
• Exploring new process technologies for reducing sustainability footprint
• Evaluating the evidence for making claims on nutrition and wellness
• Understanding how processing can be less detrimental to the end product
• Developing the role of packaging
• Profiling new ingredients that will enable us to make a claim in our products


Medical and Health

We work with health, pharma and medtech companies to help them understand various market and technology opportunities and to explore the trends that may impact their businesses.

In the medical arena, we work closely with our sister company, Sagentia to offer a suite of advisory services which help our clients find new opportunities for growth.

Our advice is grounded by our knowledge and experience in the sector and we draw insights from market and technology experts and key stakeholder to develop a rich and granular understanding of the opportunity space.

We construct market landscapes, product roadmaps, technology profiles set in the context of the business ecosystem and related business models to identify genuine market needs and opportunities and explore suitable technology partners to help future-proof your business.

You can find more information on our advisory and innovation services in the medical and health sector here.

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