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We help some of the world’s best known and leading organisations across consumer, medical, technology, food and beverage, and industrial markets. We identify, explore and assess opportunities at the front-end of their innovation journey and deliver actionable insights that allows them to make more informed decisions to better explore, evaluate and define their future direction.

Our core strength is in tackling projects for which science and technology is a key enabler of competitive advantage.

Through research and expert advice, we provide a new way of looking at a situation, challenging and questioning to get to the nub of the problem and deliver unique insight to create positive and valuable outcomes. This helps clients to define the opportunity and identify the right way to create differentiation in a crowded marketplace.

We do this by using your internal knowledge, leveraging the expertise and experience of our scientists and sector specialists, and combining it with external research.

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Building strategy

Informing and shaping the R&D strategy and mapping a forward path

Scoping opportunities

Appraising the opportunity to play and win in key markets and deriving go-to-market concepts

Assessing technology

Exploring the application, impact and value of new and emerging science and technology

Evaluating Commercial Options

Whether for collaboration, partnership, alliance or acquisition

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We have experience across categories including food & drink, personal care, home care, consumer durables, consumer health and industrial.

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