Innovation Roundtable Summit 2018

06 - 08 November, 2018

Oakland's team will be heading to Innovation Roundtable in Copenhagen, November 6 - 8. 

Eileen Buttimer will be exploring Horizon Scanning. 

Title: If you’re not the disrupter then you’re being disrupted: how to sense the winds of change before your competitors

Abstract: The capacity to recognise and respond to change can be the defining quality that separates companies that survive from those that thrive. Business has probably never needed to be as agile and adaptable as it does today. Digital is one the factors that drive this – allowing ideas to propagate at speed and enabling a new generation of competitors to win position at an alarming pace often by virtue of new types of channel and business model. However this is just one of the many factors at play. To succeed in this market environment companies need to identify the real threats and opportunities from background noise and hype. Recognising what is likely a substantive force early on allows you to adopt more effective aggressive and defensive strategies. Surprisingly, in recent research we undertook, a significant proportion of major organisations revealed that they don’t have a formal method for identifying the trends in their marketplace which are likely to impact their business in the mid to long-term. In this talk, we will discuss how corporate currently undertake this process we call “horizon scanning” and how you could look to adopt this effective tool for use in your organisation.

Hong Qian and Roger Johnston will be hosting a roundtable discussion - Digitalisation has already disrupted Consumer markets. How will the more traditional sectors such as Chemicals, Energy, Aerospace, Defence and Pharma, implement digitalisation and progress from hype to adoption and ultimately to value generation? - how would you answer?

You will also find us on stand 13 where you can get hold of your free copy of our Horizon Scanning paper and find out more about Oakland's capabilities.

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