Innovation Roundtable summit 2017

07 - 09 November, 2017

Oakland Innovation are pleased to be sponsoring the Innovation Roundtable summit 2017 this year. Michael Zeitlyn, Managing Director at Oakland Innovation, will be presenting the findings from a ecent survey we conducted on roadmapping.

Corporate attitudes to technology and product roadmapping

Product and technology roadmapping methods are widely used across industry sectors.  The intended goals and eventual outputs vary significantly but common to most initiatives of this type is the need for organisations to commit time and effort to the development of these ‘tools’.  At this time when resources are stretched and budgets scrutinised is the investment in roadmapping warranted. There is undoubted opportunity to share insights on the use of this important tool. With this in mind, in October of this year, Oakland Innovation surveyed opinion on attitudes to roadmapping.  We asked people to comment on the drivers, value and key barriers.  Oakland will present the headline findings from this survey. It is hoped that this will provide stimulus for discussion and prompt debate on the most efficient and appropriate use of this tool.

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