Our approach

Oakland helps companies explore market spaces and identify enabling technologies for product, process and packaging innovation. We do this by combining our own knowledge and experience with insight and expertise drawn from field experts working in universities, institutes and companies around the world. We synthesise and analyse these inputs to identify and recommend opportunities and solutions specific to your needs. We start each project afresh, using proven methods but taking an individualistic approach so that we truly answer the question you are asking.

What makes us different?

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Our people

We have a balanced portfolio of people across biological, chemical, physical sciences and engineering: 92% hold PhDs allowing us to tackle complex scientific and business challenges with multidisciplinary perspective

Our team is technically and culturally diverse: we are able to interact with experts in their own language and detect and understand important subtleties in communication

We have over 25 years’ experience: we understand how to engage with third parties and are adept at eliciting the information we need to address the challenges posed by our customers

Our process

We always challenge the project brief: this ensures that we fully understand what you are trying to achieve and that the project we undertake will create the best value for you

We apply structured thinking methods, tools and frameworks: these allow us to define the spaces we explore so that we can investigate, characterise and drill down into segments in a systematic, efficient and intelligent way

We use an iterative process and work very collaboratively with our clients: this gives you the opportunity to review and have input throughout the process

Our projects

Our projects are bespoke but typically include:

  • Secondary research to identify key stakeholders and experts in the areas of interest identified by us. This can include suppliers, consultants, academics, and representatives of industry organisations
  • Primary research in the form of one-on-one interviews, usually undertaken in the expert’s mother tongue. We often do the interviews in batches allowing us to refine our questioning and topics of focus as required
  • Analysis of the research against key criteria
  • Data visualisation so the data is presented in creative ways and can be easily communicated and understood
  • Detailed output presenting the findings and providing recommendations

Our analysis

We understand the market you operate in: this means we can evaluate technical feasibility and market attractiveness within the context of your organisation

We tailor our analysis to the needs of the project: we adapt and develop proven tools and principles in order to extract the greatest value from the available expertise, data and opinion

We derive insight and meaning: we use this to derive actionable recommendations


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